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Berries & Cream

Berries & Cream is a distinctive blend of fresh berries creating sweet and tangy notes

black fire

black fire e-juice is one of the limited editions of v-olymp company. Hand-rolled cigar produced at the peak of perfectionism. Several months have been spent to process the tobacco of this Ijos

Blueberry Cream

Creamy blueberry e-juice is one of the tastiest warm e-juices.

captain black

The taste of Captain Black is an attractive scent that can accompany you for a long time

coffee milk

If we want to name a permanent companion for coffee

Double Apple

Double Apple e-juice offers you a combination of sweet red apples and sour green apples

FWB (fizzy watermelon bubblegum)

Ice Watermelon Bubblegum e-juice is made from fresh and delicious watermelon

GCI(grape cotton candy Ice)

You don’t need to go to a candy shop to relive your sugary childhood dreams


When you vape this e-juice, you will feel the taste of sweet red grapes

Ice apple

Ice apple e-juice with a lasting taste that you will never get tired of smoking.

Ice grapes

Ice grape e-juice is a suitable and popular combination of light and heavy flavors.

Ice mango

Ice mango e-juice was created for people who enjoy the aroma and aroma of mango, but are looking for a taste with a lower or cooler taste than mango!